About this Blog

I.Am.Zalkindra started at the beginning of 2012.
Originally, I started a blog because when I discovered the blogging world, I was addicted. I thought the concept of recording life and connecting with other through blogging was fascinatingBut the addiction could only go so far with reading blogs. I needed to write! And post! So, I made it happen! Originally I was a blogspot blogger who mostly posted pictures. The name of that blog was “bouncing thoughts.” I re-started the blog on this fresh, new, better-looking site under the username of “Zalkindra”- a name that my senior-year english teacher originally pointed out. No one ever calls me Zalkindra. But it is technically just another way of saying my name. And it sounds kind of like a superhero name? Or just an elegant name?

I.Am.Zalkindra is little-known and entirely truthful.
This blog originally helped me develop a hobby. I have some weird, random content. I have never “shared” a link to my blog to promote my posts*yet*. Only a few people know this thing exists. I feel no pressure in what I post or write. This is my space to let whatever it is be written. Over time, I’ve evolved to use the blog as more of a personal journal. Less pictures, more detail and dependency on words. Ever since I have started using the “private” visibility setting, it has served me well. But not everything I write is quite that private, let’s be real.

I.Am.Zalkindra is for yesterday, tomorrow, and the future. 
I want this url (or at least the content on here) to be a lasting record of my times growing up. Because if we all know anything about life, it’s that between high school and your twenties, a lot happens. Even having small bits written about what has happened is amazing and SO worth it. Oddly enough, I believe this blog has helped me develop my sense of self and self-confidence. Or, if nothing else, it is a method for recording and remembering truth and feelings. Because my memory sucks. But reading my own writing fills in the gaps.

I.Am.Zalkindra is for me. And for writing.
I will keep writing for as long as I have time and as long as I find it meaningful. I have found a sense of joy in writing, one that I do not find in academia. Capturing and expressing my feelings and experiences through words is something entirely self-centered but rewarding. And if people want to or like to read it, then good for them? As long as they’re nice about it.


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