Random, Real Talk

hey i’m Rachel

(shout out to Brittany for wanting me to do this)
I’m a girl who’s learned not to take life so seriously, and instead, appreciate people and experiences. I understand 4.0s don’t mean much and stress kills you and people who are fake are easy to spot. I appreciate stupid humor and I’m always up for buying hilarious clothing for under $10. I’ve also learned to be one of those strong independent women types. But some boys are charming and I do vibe well with guys. I think it’s since I’m the only girl cousin on my dad’s side of the family and I’ve grown up with a twin brother! I can be creative when it comes to rhymes/lyrics/written words, doodles, handmade greeting cards, and “paintings”. People think since I’m 5’2 and have a baby face that I’m rather unintimidating. I kind of agree, but those who know me best know I can be quite the sassmaster. I only use that word because others have called me that though. I tend to be rather reserved while meeting people, but I have an inner actress that can be loud, lead tours, and not care what people think when I dance ridiculously or sing karaoke. Once you know me I have few limits with sass and weirdness! I also have this inner voice that makes me crave adventure and exploration. It really came into being while living the study abroad life. Since everyday things became an adventure. I think I use that word too much…… but regardless… I dream of hiking, driving all around California, watching sunsets, starry skies etc. I like seeking new things. And yet, I’ve got a soft spot for the littlest most comfortable things in life. Like best friends I’ve known since I was six, falling asleep while watching Netflix/movies, the Office, shopping with my mom, petting cute dogs, going for a drive, and being ridiculous with my brother. My taste in music and clothing cannot be categorized. I can appreciate everything besides country and heavy metal. I also wear everything from sweat pants to outfits that make people ask “why are you so dressed up.” I tend to not wear much makeup because I’m lazy, however, I have the skin of a 14 year old and dark circles that never disappear so… meh. Back to other stuff, I’m a bit of a daddy’s girl because of our senses of humor and adventurous go-do nature, but my mother is forever my inspiration. I’m the weirdest combination of introvert and extrovert and I tend to be rather happy and positive when it comes to emotions that people see from me. I don’t really tell my dramatic emotions and secrets to people too often. The closest thing I have to a blabbering mouth is a blog, journal, and a bff group message. I think this aspect helps me have all types of friends- I can appeal to the outgoing or the “different” types. I’m known as a nice person but I really hope to always be more selfless and giving.

Right now I’m at this weird place in life where I should stress about what I want to do with the rest of my life, but instead, I’m just enjoying relaxing, exploring and talking with friends. I want to find something to do that has a supportive, happy, passionate workplace, engaging work, and purpose. I’m not quite enough of a free spirit and social organizer to go the non-profit route, and I know I can’t make it in cutthroat corporate climbing madness. So we’ll see what happens.

I think that summarizes me for now. Um. Yeah. Cool.


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