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things to be grateful for

Considering it’s the 20th of November… the month of Thanksgiving… I really should be trying harder to think about everything I’m grateful for. I do try to notice little things in daily life. But I want to make a list to record what I’m thankful for too! One for each day of the month so far- here we go!

  1. Parents who support me and my brother in studying abroad, something quite costly and out of the norm.
  2. Friends from SCU who don’t forget about me and make me really really way too excited about going back to school.
  3. A dog that was a childhood companion and taught me so much.
  4. Friends from HOME that I can and will ALWAYS count on.
  5. Technology for making it way too easy to stay in touch.
  6. The fact that I have SO MUCH food to eat that I’m gaining weight instead of going hungry.
  7. People with patience who let me try to use Spanish even though I’m mostly clueless.
  8. Attending a university that values more than just academics.
  9. Being relatively healthy and free of major concerns (besides the fact I reeeally need to go to the gym).
  10. Cafe culture that has shown me the importance of conversation and connection.
  11. Tobasco, or any food with spice and major flavor.
  12. The Office, for making my days brighter.
  13. Study abroad friends who have been there during all the ups and downs.
  14. Nature! Oh how I love you.
  15. Inspirational quotes that aren’t the cheesiest and therefore actually relate to my life.
  16. Spotify- and music that fits every type of mood or day.
  17. Fresh flowers, comfy shoes, exact change, blue skies- simple pleasures
  18. Sass, sarcasm, and smiles that make the world go round.
  19. Creative people who inspire me and make life more colorful
  20. Dare I say… hugs? They make most things better. Unless they’re awkward. Awkward hugs are the worst.

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