i need a tumblr

I’m not trying to be overly pessimistic, but the protective bubble you were living in as a kid has will finally burst in your twenties.

Differences, struggles, and real shit manifests during your 20s. Depression, anxiety, health scares, accidents, divorce, cancer, unexpected death, financial problems, the list goes on. While I personally have avoided these things, their effects are inescapable. Living the life of a 20 year old, stereotypically known as being adventurous and carefree, feels different when slapped in the face with horrible occurrences. Wanderlust persists, though the time of confidence and naivety has been disheveled by tragedy and reality checks.

These occurrences ground me. They humble me. They bring me closer to others. They help me understand the true fragile nature of life. They teach me to reach out. To stay calm. To seek help. To communicate. To treasure moments with others. To not take things too too seriously.

*Quote from some random thought catalog article but it is way too true.


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