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Summer is

But now that summer is over, I have been able to think about what I really loved most about my summer (6 weeks) at home.

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Summer is…

  • Driving- a privilege I did not have often at school.
  • Reuniting with the best friends and just being. No need to catch up because we’re in touch, the only need was to be together.
  • Seeing friends from high school and catching up so effortlessly. Vulnerability is no longer an issue when you’ve known someone since middle school.
  • Trying to learn how to golf (again).
    • An hour at the driving range followed by Sonic milkshakes (half price aftter 8pm) with my dad.
  • Taking pictures of the perfect Colorado sunset, even though I’ve seen it a million times.
  • Skiing at A-Basin in June, wearing a strange assortment of attire: Bikini top, snow pants, light sweater, camera, sunscreen etc.
  • Walking Buddy through the open space, and treasuring the time we have together. (so cheesy, I know)
  • Wishing Colorado had a real beach (reservoirs do not count).
  • Commuting to work somewhere that keeps me busy and shows me social justice in action.
  • Appreciating Denver more than ever.
  • Spending nights binge-watching reality TV or Netflix because homework doesn’t exist.
  • Snapchatting friends in California who I miss so much!
  • Biking the highline canal….. part of it anyways…
  • Walking near the Highlands Ranch mansion and loving it every time.
  • Post-softball barbeques at Redstone Park.
  • Grilling on the deck and eating outside.
  • Feeling love-induced FOMO from being away from school, but also, love from the comfort and simplicity of home.
  • Preparing for a semester abroad, a time like none other.

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