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to my Russian sister Anna

Anna surprise party

It’s been so cool getting to know someone from halfway around the world.
Your energy and excitement about everything new or different here in Colorado was captivating. Your love for Oreos reignited a lost childhood flame in me. Your confidence in taking selfies and asking people to take pictures of you is inspiring. Your cooking skills impress me. Your sweet nature and fun personality brought together our existing Colorado friend-family. I cannot believe you lasted a whole year here in Highlands Ranch. You have experienced NYC, Colorado’s finest, southern California, and a bus trip from Colorado to NorCal. I think you’ve seen all that you need to. You have seen some of the greatest parts of the US. You’ve met people who love you and you’ve found a second home half way around the globe. Now you’re back in Moscow, who knows what thoughts are flying through your head, but I’m glad you got to replace me for a while in the Zalkind household. I’m glad I got to celebrate and spend time with you. I’m glad that if I’m ever in Russia I know I’ll have someone to visit.

с Новым годом and thanks for teaching me the word сука 😉



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