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my people and media make me crazy

I have this weird (realistic??) fantasy that I will be youthful and adventurous and wholesome living in San Francisco post graduation. I will sacrifice probably…. half(?)  my income to live in a place that offers so much in return. I have tried to explain how obsessed I’m becoming with the city but I really can’t explain it. I am currently living vicariously through others who post pictures or blog posts of their lives in the city. And I can’t get over it.

Not to mention, the entire FOMO situation of everyone in the Bay Area this summer has me somewhat jealous. So you put my imagination with my hopes and my reality and you get me being crazy!

Seriously it’d be SO cool to live there though.
And even if it *by some odd weird “chance”* doesn’t work out (right after graduation or in SF)…. no harm done. Because living in a city for a couple years is just one of those things I want to experience in life. And it’s my own fault I’m becoming unrealistically obsessed with SF.


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