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a nickname

What’s in a nickname? I’m not sure but I think at the very core there’s care.

This school year, Mark came up with the nickname “Chel” as a way to mock me.
But as we all know, the more Mark makes fun of you, the more he loves you.
The saddest part about this pathetic joke of a nickname is, it caught on. And it evolved.
Obviously, as the great person that I am, I didn’t let the stupid name bother me for that long- mostly since the tone of voice changed with it.
It became used more repeatedly and by people like Eddie, Nathan and Mary. And a few others at times.
And I think I’ve come to … not actually like it… but appreciate it.
I appreciate it because it shows that people care. And people like to joke around. And that I’ve grown close with people at school this past school year.

So even though I am also called Rach, which is actually practical, I don’t mind Chel (or Eddie’s newly created “Chela”) either in certain cases.
And I’m interested to see if Rach spreads more. But who knows!


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