College, Random

handwritten letters

there should be a required end of school year assignment:
to write at least two handwritten letters to people who deserve to hear from you
you have probably seen these people so frequently during the school year that they don’t need to hear what you’ve been up to
they need to hear what’s been floating around your head and scribbled in your journal
they deserve a handwritten letter
filled with unfiltered emotions, realizations and thoughts
— to start the summer with everything laid out on the table —
to let them fully understand their meaning and worth
what you’ve learned together
what’s changed
what you can always look for in them

Handwritten letters evoke vulnerability but show confidence in their completion and delivery
I think we could all use a little clarity provided from vulnerability
Even if it sparks further curiosity — when 6 months away from campus, a summer at home and semester abroad, are about to begin.


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