College, Poetry | Creative

“Portrait Poem” for MGMT 160

Departed the 303, thinkin maybe it’d be
more than ideal to live at 408
California dreaming became a reality
No culture shock, just time to talk
New friends and opportunities to embrace
No time to waste
Event-planning, tour-giving, volunteering, photographing, doodling and writing
I prefer to be busy
But with time left for the little things in life
Late nights in Dunne, spontaneous drives, walks around campus, lounging around
An introvert at first… and when needing space
Loud and sassy… when I feel like being in your face
Take me for what it is
Versatility and awareness make a qualified business student
I study marketing
To match the far-fetched entity of a corporation with the wants and needs of people
I make friends with many,
To surround myself with kindness and different personalities.
An adventurous spirit keeps me dreaming
But I live with my feet planted firmly on the ground
I strive for humility, confidence, and comedic relief


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