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free writing for 9 minutes on monday of finals week

I’m sitting on a couch in the lounge. Who knows what’s happened to it in the past who knows how many years of its existence. All I can say is that it’s quite comfy and useful in helping me produce words and memories. Words and memories. But guess what I’m looking for in spring break! An escape from computers. And even cell service if possible. For a bit. If nothing else, escape from the dependency on technology. Instead I hope to go crazy in the land of young love and friendship heaven. Because if nothing else, over the past year at SCU, I keep asking myself what the heck I did with myself last year. I’ll tellya one thing, I didn’t take advantage of as much as I should have. And now that I’m truly soaking it up, I couldn’t be more content with now. Surely, that is a generalization that does not take into account hard classes and moments of stress and failure. BUT, I am content. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and have ahead of me. I am so grateful for the friends and more than friends I have made. The opportunities I have been presented for Spring Break enchant me. They have arisen because of a common sense of adventure, and relaxation, and happiness. The two of us going to the city on Saturday want to flirt with the city that has charmed our socks off. The four of us going to Big Sur and Santa Cruz want to take in nature and simplicity and happiness. While we sometimes feel a little confined by our small campus, repetitive schedules and less than exquisite dorm, these are the things that have brought us together. As much as I judge the groupthink and dependency, it feels nice to have people I can count on as family members. People who I know I can picture in the future. This is it. I am excited for Spring Break 2014. It might not be full of booze and crazy parties in Florida or San Diego or Cabo, but it will be filled with people I truly value and places I can explore and experiences I will appreciate. I can’t wait to feel free and young and HAPPY.

3 tests to take and 3 pages to write.


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