nights we will remember

funDinner at IHOP with three of the best(Joe, Mary, and Mark), because who doesn’t want breakfast for dinner.
Parking next to a cop car and in front of a car with two dogs in it!
Ordering waters to drink because what else can we afford?
Taking too long to decide what to order even though 90% of the combos are the same.
Listening to old, lovey, get-in-the-mood songs playing throughout IHOP.
Dancing to these songs while sitting in a booth.
Initiating a taste test for hot sauces. Tabasco and Cholula are BOTH winners in my book.
Joining the clean plate club.
Initiating a throwback jam sesh on the drive back.
Blasting middle school pop/punk favorites so loud you can’t hear anyone speaking.
Screaming along to songs like All the Small Things, and MORE.
Telling Joe to take a loop so we had time to listen to one last song (Ocean Avenue) before getting back to campus.
Taking a few extra turns to enjoy the music.
Ending up near the airport.
Making us take a pit stop at In N Out so I could pee.
Forgetting about getting back to campus.
Continuing the adventure.

Mark challenged Joe to drive back to school without stopping at ANY red lights.
He accepted. Half-stops while taking right turns on reds were the only exception.
We forgot about school and drove ALL the way around who knows where in some type of circle.
I was only concerned about remembering the lyrics to songs by Blink-182, Sum 41, Panic at the Disco and things of their type.
I was concerned about singing on key, headbanging at the right time, and playing air guitar and drums.
Eventually, we made it back onto the alameda.
I told Joe to head over to the rose gardens and he obliged.
Rose gardens were closed, but nearby, on a random street, WE FOUND A PARK/PLAYGROUND!
I convinced him to stop the car!
My voice was tired of singing AND Linkin Park wasn’t cutting it.

We played on the jungle gym, slid down slides, and ran around like children!
We flung shoes and rolled down a hill and sat in the grass.
We even “cloud-gazed” since the stars were nowhere in sight.
We took the long way home, still avoiding red lights.
And I couldn’t help but feel youthful and free thanks to great friends and Joe’s generosity to (literally) drive away anything we didn’t need to hold on to.

We needed that.
We really needed that.
We really needed each other, breakfast for dinner, music that speaks to our souls,  SINGING LOUDLY, playing like children, and adventure.
This is the happiest I’ve been in a while.
This is the type of night we will remember.
Not because it was crazy or hilarious, but because it was pure.
Pure friendship, pure joy, pure freedom, pure relaxation.


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