Monday Wonder, Poetry | Creative

John Legend explains life

“We’re just ordinary people. We don’t know which way to go”

It’s quite funny how two people who were so close can drift off into separate worlds in just a few weeks’ time. We’re an adaptable breed. Some of us take in changes quicker than others. Some of us process emotional situations faster and more logically than others. Some of us have the necessary, persistent sense of self and normalcy. Some of us are aware of who we can count on to help us move forward quicker. Some of us are more cautious with new beginnings. Some of us don’t need to consider things new beginnings.

Slow or fast, when things are in the past, the way one approaches new “situations” is fascinating.
Are lessons learned? Are experiences internalized? Or are cravings and expectations fulfilled?
Maybe all of the above?
Are you confident in what you’re doing now? Does your character waiver? Are you still you?
What do others think?
No, not them! The ones who 
really know you: who have known you long enough to know your ups and downs.

Transforming or conforming?

When deciding which way to go, did you pick left or right?
After a rough start, it seems to be a surprisingly quick move left:
Social straightjacket removed, a changed demeanor explains smooth sailing through “Let’s get lost in lust. We just don’t care” territory.
Note: Lust levels are relative to the situation.

Advice from me and Mr. Legend, make sure you’ve made it “past the infatuation phase” before pulling those moves.

“Cuz we’re ordinary people maybe we should take it slow.”

I’m going to go ahead and praise myself for being an ordinary person who’s taken a right turn.

I’m currently baffled by the “P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)” people.
“If we keep up on this fooling around, we’ll be the talk of the town!”
Right again, Johnny boy! (And by Johnny boy I mean John Legend.)

What a strange contrast I see. It’s actually hilarious to me.
I’m simply trying to find something to explain and rationalize such change and such….. differences?!
Conforming to the surroundings. Transforming into a not-so-ordinary person. (…and by not-so-ordinary I mean not-so-familiar.)
But, ultimately, “we (I) just don’t care” enough to get details or decode any mysteries since, now,  we’re in our own lovely worlds trying our own lovely things.
And the lovely things I have going for me are as smooth and sweet as John Legend’s voice serenading me through life.

[Monday Wonder: Why do two of my favorite John Legend songs apply to life SO perfectly? How am I so brilliant in noticing these things?]


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