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why I chose to go to Santa Clara

I’ve been needing to put into words the reasons why I chose this place. I’ve sounded like an idiot when, at work, I had little to say compared to my co-workers. It is my duty to know the answer to such an important question. SO here it is, my answer to the traditional question:

When I was choosing a place I wanted to go to school, I was looking for somewhere that I would naturally feel comfortable but always be challenged to embrace opportunities. As a twin, I was fortunate enough to tour twice the number of schools I wanted to or needed to in search for somewhere that stood out. Originally, I thought I wanted to go to a medium-sized school on the east coast. I applied to six schools, with Santa Clara being the kind of the wild card as the smallest and the only one in California/on the West Coast. It was actually the only one I hadn’t visited before applying. All of the other universities my family and I toured seemed nice, but nothing was super memorable, especially to my indecisive mind. I made my decision last minute after a spring break trip to the university. The suburban area was comfortable, the surrounding valley and cities offer great opportunities for internships and getting involved with the community through volunteering, the campus (and weather) was very attractive, and I could really see myself enjoying not only going to school here, but exploring the area and living here for longer than four years. As an out of stater, I would say those are the reasons the campus stood out. But furthermore, I became fascinated with the Jesuit ideals of teaching students to become well-rounded people, those of competence, conscience, and compassion. Yes, that’s the cheesy way of saying it, but how could I not love a school that challenges us to look beyond textbooks and interact with the greater connections of the world. I like that even though I was planning to study business, I could come to Santa Clara as an undeclared business major. I like that double majoring and minoring is common because students are encouraged to have multiple interests. I like that we are supported in studying abroad and even just venturing down the street to San Jose to meet people on the other side of the freeway. I like that our school uses its location for good: To bring us great faculty, to help us meet people we thought we wouldn’t and to lead us to bright futures. The last thing I took notice to was the school’s “smaller” size. Obviously, I didn’t want to go to somewhere as small as high school, but knowing no one as I adventured to school had to be offset by something. Catherine, the admissions counselor who gave my official SCU presentation, mentioned that while watching three people cross the stage at graduation, “the first would be a friend, the second would be a classmate you’ve seen around, and the third would be a stranger.”  This school has to be the perfect size. You feel at home but can always meet new friends.

Ugh I guess I love this place.


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