College, Home

how I know it has all changed

I can think about the future and center goals around myself, in a non-selfish way of course. I rediscover tranquility produced by being creative (aka painting and making cards). I journal my little heart out and hope I am not obsessing over things. I get mail from someone wishing for me not to be sad, and I think “lol I was sad?” I text my best friends all the time, and we can produce the most ridiculously honest and crazy conversation ever. I don’t text anyone but the two bffs even close to constantly. My profile picture features me and my dog, while my timeline features family, friends, and coworkers. I snapchat the same people as always, and reunite at school with a bang. I know I can treasure my time with friends at school by putting down my phone and living. I would rather save the naps and sulking, and instead, empower myself with Netflix and spontaneous jogs/walks/trips to the gym. I can binge-watch Netflix, be proud of the cheesy shows I watch, and listen to and sing along with repetitive music. I can do what I want on a weekend night and not have to worry about justifying it or reassuring someone that I really do keep it in control. I am able to focus on developing relationships at school. I have people to confide in. I can watch Breaking Bad with someone and it’s really really great.  I have to figure out “flirting” and things of that sort. 

But mostly what inspired this post was when, just a few minutes ago,  I creeped on Facebook and saw something that… made me chuckle…. and, reminded me of something out of middle school or something equally as stupid/awkward/hilarious to me.

As Jesse Pinkman would say, “Yeah, bitch!”


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