number 7 is sexy

plans for the day included sleeping in and going to Kim’s volleyball game.

Real life included:

Waking up at the same time as Roshni (8am) and not being able to fall back asleep.
Watching Gossip Girl in the morning.
Eating breakfast with Mark, Patrick, and Gio.
Waiting half an hour to get the omelette I ordered.
Going to swig to make a poster for Kim that we could cheer with at the volleyball game.
[The poster read ” Number 7 is sexy!” #I’dbangthat #cookiemonster #kipsycat #bounce]
Going to the game and being the voice/energy of the game.
Losing our voices from screaming to much.
Being exhausted from cheering so much.
Eating “lunch” at 3pm at Benson. I had lucky charms.
Chilling in the dark basement of Benson, right outside of the Cellar.
Being antisocial, and resting. For a few hours.
Rallying to go to dinner. Stopping to wait for Bronco to open.
Eating chips and salsa and playing Connect Four in Kennedy Commons while Patrick worked.
Tapingoing and waiting forever for food.
Laughing a lot and eating a lot.
Pretending to be Bianca to get Gio some food.
Coming back to Dunne.
Being antisocial and watching more Gossip Girl.


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