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2013 in a nutshell

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Dear 2013,

You came and went like a pile of snow on a sunny Colorado day. It’s strange how quickly your stay flew by. Overall, I would welcome another year as entertaining as you, but maybe without the small defeats that really added up?

It seems like just yesterday I was taking CalTrain to the city with friends for a nice day off. But that was in January. And I suppose a lot has happened since then.

In February, I faced the reality of a Valentine’s day without my boyfriend. Instead I hosted a shadow SCU student and ate spaghetti with my floor. Then, soon after, my parents visited for parents’ weekend. It was super fun because we ate good food AND went on an adventure to Muir woods!

In March, Spencer came to visit once. And he was jealous of my friends. Also, Spring break was eh. I came home since I had no idea what else to do. And once I was home I mostly hung out with my parents. And the death of Alex’s grandma put quite the damper on the time I spent with my best friends as well as the mood of my break.

In April, I don’t remember much but I know I celebrated my birthday at BJ’s, where I got a free baby pizookie and had a fun dinner with 12 other people or so. I also had a love-hate relationship with my film photography class. Mostly love, but it caused a lot of stress and frustration.

In May, I started to be really jealous of everyone getting home for summer break before me. Also, Spencer came to visit for an obnoxious amount of time (sorry Roshni). After he left I had some quality SCU fun including the CC Carnival, a Santa Cruz all-nighter (props to Joe for letting us break into his beach house), and Bay to freaking Breakers.

In June, I packed up and took finals. And felt weird leaving SCU for three months. I also started working at my internship where they were not prepared for my arrival. So I sat around waiting for access to information. Ugh compliance.

In July, I kept working and felt kind of awkward being home. I spent fourth of July with Spencer instead of going to Lafayette with the family. I also got invited to go to Minnesota with the besties but the parents wouldn’t let me since they wanted me to work.(Coooooooool)

In August, I did more summery stuff then said bye to people as they went back to school. Spencer and I celebrated his birthday with dinner than ended the night by finishing the final office episode on Netflix! Then he left the next morning. So yeah. And, I really bonded with Leia when she was my only friend left in the Ranch!

In September, I finished working (weeee!), planned an Oregon coast roadtrip with my dad, then made it happen. To get me back to school, the three of us flew to Portland and drove down to the bay area. Man is it weird being an only child. After moving back in to Dunne early, I tried to help move freshmen in/recruit people to help with CC. And so, sophomore year began.

In October, I celebrated three years of dating Spencer (but instead of celebrating it was just talking about celebrating that never happened haaaa)! October brought a lot of busy/routine things at school. I kept working a LOT. And that along with Arrupe kept me busy outside of class. I also got to know people better- namely allll of the freshmen AND Kyra and Mary. They are my kinda girls and I am thankful for that. October also brought Halloween in which I dressed up as a “newscaster” with Kim and then a “black cat” another night. Proudest moment with the newscaster ensemble was turning an empty plastic water bottle into a fake microphone/flask. There. I said it. It was functional.

In November, I slowly but surely fell in love with Washington Elementary and speaking Spanish there. I declared a major: Marketing! I also decided that instead of applying to a Santiago Chile study abroad program I would apply to Buenos Aires Argentina instead. Because screw only taking business classes. I want a minor in………… Latin American studies?! With this decision, I continued my college-y things. And…. Spencer and I broke up. And it hit me HARD. I learned a lot in a very short amount of time (but we all know there are journals for explaining that stuff).  I then tried my best to get over it and get through a week so I could fly down to Palm Desert to celebrate Thanksgiving with Stan’s Clan!!! And it was very relaxing and low key and I love my family!

In December, I became distracted and unmotivated with regards to school. Socially, I was trying to relax, and enjoy LIFE and the people and changes in it! Academically, grades slipped below my average. But hey, no C’s so that means I’m ok riiiiight? Also in December, I went home. And felt at peace. And felt lazy. And felt warm and fuzzy when I got to see my family and besties. But felt awkward when people I thought I’d see didn’t really come through. Also, I felt/feel like I am excited to get back to school! I miss some of my people!

That’s my year in a nutshell. I would say more than anything, 2013 has taught me to enjoy, appreciate, and be a “yes” (wo)man. There are a lot of things outside of our control, so whenever there are little things or moments to treasure– do it! There is nothing that gets me worked up more than not doing things to make yourself happy. Sometimes, you have to seek happy to be happy. 2013 shoved a few mouthfuls of failure and disappointment in my face, but I really really, tried to get past them and think of alternative things to seek out, and other things to be grateful for. I am so grateful for the comfort I have at school. I am so glad I have deepened relationships and trust with people I met just over a year ago. I am so grateful for the support of my family and their generosity. I am grateful to have some of the best friends anybody could ever ask for- who are available by a snap of a photo, the dial of a phone, or just a typed message when I’m at school. And, my Spanish class, more specifically, the moms at Washington, taught me how to truly act with compassion and generosity- they were the ones with those traits… I just made posters.

2014 excites me. I feel like some of the “problems” or bumps from the past year are being resolved.
This year I challenge myself to let go of awkwardness or shyness socially.
I challenge myself to do more physically (whooops I’m lazy and like naps and Netflix)
I challenge myself to give more to others, because it is THE best!
I challenge myself to keep writing/blogging and journaling.
I challenge myself to have a few crazy stories to tell.

I wouldn’t quite call those resolutions. Just hopes.


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