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in my hometown

What would you think
if I told you:
That I’m from a suburb of Denver.
20 minutes from the Columbine high school,
25 minutes from the Aurora movie theater,
10 minutes from the Arapahoe high school
where shootings took place.

Well I can tell you this:
I can’t associate my hometown with such terrible things.
I can, however, associate my hometown with great people and safe communities
who have dealt with a few people
that cannot be understood or explained

And my heart hurts.
Because I know we’re better than the events associated with us.
And I know that there’s really no easy and feasible way to prevent such acts.
Since they come out of one person’s mind.
The power of the brain!
Each of us entrusted with the power come responsibility, growth, and maturity.
We are each responsible for our thoughts and actions.
What is thought and what is expressed can conflict.
Expressions are up to

self choice.

it’s all relative
when one fails
to remember their self worth
to remember the value of life
and what it’s worth
WHY it’s worth


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