hahaha halloween

Hahahah my Halloween was quite a joke.

I had midterms all this week and I didn’t bring any sort of costume from home. And I am not one to waste money on something I know is not worth it. Instead, I was a little creative in borrowing other peoples’ clothes and costume stuff. On Thursday night, Kim and I were newscasters. We wore white button down shirts and black blazers, and skirts! Joe, dressed as a hippy, was our camera man. He carried around my camera, and we got entertaining pictures of us posing. What I’m most proud of was how creative we were with our homemade microphone! We used a water bottle and tapped a ball of paper on it to make a mic! It actually looked way better than I was expecting. Not to mention, it was still functional! Go college. Then, last night, I used Roshni’s cat ears and tail to be the most overdone costume of all time: A black “cat” aka girl wearing ears. But I think the best thing about Halloween was being able to get everyone together to hang out. Often during the week and other weekends we are all doing our own thing and this week Halloween gave us extra motivation to help each other out with costumes, take more pictures, and have some fun together.


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