dat college lyf

Let’s be honest. I suck at blogging.

But on the plus side I am “busy” with school stuff. School stuff includes studying for hours and still getting mediocre grades as well as trying to do new things but being busy with old things, and being quite the floater when it comes to social interactions.  It includes finally declaring a major and being told by a friend that maybe I should consider a more technical degree to get my money’s worth of the school. It includes being stuck outside of a social circle as people create living arrangements for next year. It includes telling myself it will all work out for next year: summer, study abroad, living situation, academic studies, social situation EVERYTHING.  It includes having the same trustworthy people to go back to. It includes joy in the small things like finding a friend who hates running as much as I do and other friends who are willing to go to help me study and let me vent about weird random stuff.

It includes far too much thinking ahead: thinking about what I have internalized from experiences last year and how I can use them to set me up for success in the future.

But more than anything, it truly does include learning. In the classroom and out. I am surrounded by people who support me and challenge me to do my best.

I might miss my best relationships, those from my childhood and surroundings of home, but the others I have met are mostly keepers.

Yoga with Evan and Nate
Coding with Joe
Movie watching with TJ and Tom and the bros / Kyra / others
Walks with Mary
Volleyball with Kim
Work with everyoneee
Stats with Carlton
Goin out with the girls
Chatting with Kyra and Geneva
CC with the gang
Volunteering with Spanish classmates

Living the good life.


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