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sorry I’m sometimes a hater

Last night I crashed on the basement couch while watching “the Little Couple” on TLC. I had full intentions of reading my book [Eat Pray Love eh] and just using TV as background noise (the basement can be creepy without it), but then I felt compelled to watch the little couple and their newly adopted Chinese son tear up LegoLand. And THEN, as I always do, I fell asleep while watching. It was about 9:30pm mind you. That is a five year old’s bed time. Who am I? Anyways, I was awoken by the sound of my mom and dog coming downstairs to let him outside. But then my mom stopped. And said (out of nowhere) something like, “Everyone at work is doing something for you for your last day. I don’t know if it’s a surprise or not but I just told you.”

Um… Ok? What does that mean?! Whyyyy did you just ruin a surprise mom!

I could hardly comprehend the english coming out of her mouth since I was in a just-woken, disoriented state. But then I used my brain and thought to myself oh! They’ll probably write “good luck!” on a nearly-blank Hallmark card and buy a box of cheap King Soopers cookies to celebrate me leaving! The thought of those things made me uncomfortable.

Today the “surprise” happened. I kind of fell for it since I had such low expectations. As I was working (actually working) my boss came over and said “Hey Rachel, can I borrow you for a second?” I was unenthusiastically like “Sure. Do I need this notepad?” He said no and took me to not his office, but Surf’s office!

Everyone from the team was standing around the table that held on it an envelope and a Safeway sixteen inch, four-flavor cheesecake sampler of goodness. You guys, I was a little shocked, dare I say surprised? If I was an emotional girl I probably would’ve gotten a little teary eyed! Surf had called my parents (weird/awkward perk of boss knowing parents) and they told him I liked cheesecake! Victory number one. Victory two came in the envelope. I was pretty right about the card part, except everyone signed it and wrote “good luck/thanks for your help/we’ll miss you” sentences- so that was precious. BUT, here’s the kicker: Paperclipped to the envelope were giftcardS! Not just one for like $5 at Starbucks- TWO! One Forever 21 (again, asked my rents) and the other a Visa giftcard. UNBELIEVABLE!

Is this what it feels like to get a bonus at work?
Is this what it feels like to have a surprise party thrown for you?
Is this what it feels like to be spoiled? Rewarded? Blessed?

Guys, my brain started flipping out when I was the center of attention, sitting at one of two chairs at the table while everyone stood there! Usually I’m just the girl sitting in the corner/cubicle area by herself! How selfless, generous, and kind of my team of bosses/co-workers to do this for me. I feel undeserving and tongue-tied still since I have been a bit of a hater. BUT, as I have said from the start, these people are all kind and appreciative. And my oh my! A little grattitude (and giftcard $ say whaa) go a long way. Lesson learned.

Note: To calm my worried mind I’m thinking of the giftcards as a “bonus” for commuting in horrendous conditions all summer.

Note 2: I have never and probably will never have a surprise party thrown for me… so I guess this is it!


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