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skills I should add to my resume

While I have done a lot of complaining about my job, I’m finally starting to see the many skills I have developed from this “internship.”

Blog Reading
I have spent numerous hours discovering, subscribing to and reading over 20 blogs including those of lifestyle, fashion, DIY, and travel varieties.

Along with blog reading, I judge people who write blogs. And chose my subscriptions from my skills. But it’s not a bad kind of judge, it’s more of a “How cool do you seem? Could we best friends/sisters/cousins/co-workers in life? What can you teach me? How funny are you? Do you inspire me? Are you weird? Is it a good weird or bad weird?” In addition, I specialize in judging office members and their actions and interactions. *Note: Grown men act like teenage girls

Travel Dreaming
With recently discovering the “travel blogger” profession, I can’t get enough of reading their adventures. Sure, they always claim that it’s a hard life to live and they hate hearing people say “how fun it must be,” but come onnnn, getting sponsored to go places? Writing your little heart out about your life and places and what you think of it all? P r i c e l e s s and i n s p i r i n g. Inspiring because these people were never super rich when they quit their boring day jobs. They just put all their money and belongings towards travel. They know the impact of paying for experiences not things. Part of me wants to be just like them.

Sandwich making / Food stealing
With the occasional whole-saler presentation / lunch meeting, I not only want food for myself, but I am asked to make sandwiches/steal food for my boss who: 1. does not want to walk ten seconds to the conference room and 2. Doesn’t want to interact with wholesalers.

When breakroom coffee is not sufficient and lunch isn’t provided, you BET I am the one walking a block to the nearest Starbucks or Jimmy John’s. And incase you were wondering my boss orders a tall Redeye Medium Roast with room for cream and one package of the “brown” (raw) sugar. Also the guys/bosses I get lunch for are obsessed with Jimmy John’s. Number 5 (Turkey Tom) is where it’s at for them.

About a month ago, they ran out of things for me to do here. Plus, I have poor cell service and great firewall that blocks social media. So man oh man am I good at sitting in this cubicle for about 9 hours s t r a i g h t. Now if that doesn’t say I can focus on anything (or more accurately nothing) then I don’t know what does!

Computer Screen Switching *without alt tab
With having nothing to do, but wanting to make money and LOOK like I’m doing something, I am a pro at appearing like I am doing important work-y things when actually I am reading blogs. *And I say without alt tab because I didn’t know what that was til way too recently and I haven’t trained myself to use it.

Conversations? Drawings? Hiding zits and double chins? Yeah, I do it all.

Nothing new here. But I have to say, my overly-amibitious and speedy response times while at work are really something.

Dressing Profresh
Looking fresh when getting dressed in 10 minutes is no easy task. But with the help of outlets (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew) and boring office essentials (black and khaki slacks and pencil skirts), you too can do this!

I never have time or effort to actually pack healthy food from home. You better bet I eat a bagel for breakfast, sandwich or carbolicious snacks for lunch, and more carby snacks for snacktime! Holla.

Not only do I go to the bathroom an average of three times every day I am here, I overachieve. I do my business THEN, I dilly dally. I take my sweet time to wash my hands. I take my hair out and redo it without a brush. I make sure my outfits looking fly. I make faces to the mirror and talk to myself. Wait what?

I sleep too much in the morning and leave late. Then I want to get home and eat dinner in the evening. And my drive is either in construction areas (super slow) or highway mostly in the middle of nowhere (SUPER fast when I drive!). So um, yes I am a good and safe driver, but yes sometimes  I go 15 over. And no,  I haven’t been pulled over (knock on wood). Because I am reasonable and safe.

Look at that flawless transition! What I mean by this is I get super obnoxious (within the confines of my car) when people are dumb drivers. This can be on both ends of the spectrum: Too oblivious/slow, and too aggressive/fast. I yell things at a lot of cars. Let’s just put it that way.

Not actually. BUT,  I have been  listening to the Beatles Love album on REPEAT for the WHOLE SUMMER since it was the only long CD in my car. So I sing all the Beatles’ hits. I also sing every “popular” top 100 song that is played on the radio. Because after I get through the whole Beatles/other CD, I turn on the radio and meh. Blurred Lines and Get Lucky are no longer catchy, fun songs. Rather unfortunate.

They gave me a cool pen and a notepad. What do you expect?!

The pen they gave me is so inky and perfect for trying to learn handlettering which I kind of consider a classy form of doodling. Also I have addressed probably 60 envelopes since being here. I practice my normal handwriting but I am also so skilled that I once changed up my styles for like twenty envelopes I addressed!

Academic Dreaming/Planning
Pat me on the back for this one. As I am still “undeclared” in the business school, I have been alllll over that SCU website looking at major and minor requirements as well as study abroad options! I even attempted to list random classes for random quarters *if* I were to pursue a major in Marketing and minors in Communications and Entrepreneurship. Not sure why I threw in minors but they seem challenging and cool. AND for study abroad, it coincided with my travel dreaming and I actually need to narrow down my options and apply by December!

I have a lot of time to write when I am just sitting here. Give me props yeah? No? Oh. If only I could upload and “edit” tons of photos at work! Because no one likes reading blog posts that are all words. Oh well.

This concludes “skills I should add to my resume”


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