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Short Hair Don’t Care

Finally, after a year and a half of saying I should/could/would donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, I did it! Six days ago actually! Trust me, I was having quite the love-hate, on-again-off-again relationship with my long locks (so high school, I know). Sure, there’s something magical about having hippy-length, long, carefree hair. But like ugh, there was just so.much.hair! It took forever to wash, it looked meh, and my favorite things about it were how it looked straight or curled (which I didn’t do since I was trying to keep it healthy) and how friggin easy it was to wind up a bun or top knot! Because who doesn’t like a good top knot? Although mine were never good… just easy (ow ow!). But oh my gosh when I shoved it into a top knot it was SO HEAVY it always ended up hurting my little scalp, bouncing around, and falling out!

Eventually, after most of my friends left for school and I was alone in my struggle. Actually I was from the start because no one cares about my hair as much as  I do! Regardless, I had to overcome my stupid mind being a total girl:

What if I hate it?
What if Spencer dumps me because of a bad hair mistake?
It’ll grow back, right?!
How short will it even be?
No one else has short hair though!
Can I even rock short hair?
I don’t look like those girls on Pinterest.
Will I look like a soccer mom?
What wouldn’t Miley do? [“…Miley chopped her hair off. Shiz. BUT she wouldn’t donate it and leave it reasonably colored/long after”]
What would Beyonce do? [“…Beyonce chopped her hair off. Be like her.”]
It doesn’t matter because it’s for a good cause, I’m not actually super attached to my hair, I haven’t cut my hair in nine months, and I need some change!

So I cut it off. It almost felt impulsive even though obviously it was not. Also, I put too much confidence in the lady who cut my hair. Because, while I like the end cut/style of my hair, the actual donation cut was a little off. She didn’t put it in a scrunchie before cutting it. She also didn’t measure with anything legitimate. She just used her comb as a reference?! And then after she cut it she tried to put a scrunchie around the middle of the pony tail so it was all a mess. The ends weren’t lined up at all and basically I tried to measure it later and only some strands were the eight inches I needed. Solid.

When I got home (with my super cute hurr that was all did), I wanted to get a picture holding up the ponytails, but I couldn’t really smile genuinely since I was thinking about how the donation was probably not usable. Also it was taken in our dark kitchen so it was just a little eh. Luckily I got a beautiful/blurry selfie with my dog when Spencer requested a picture to show his family later that night at like midnight.

Time to send in my donation and with some wishful thinking, pretend it was all used with no problems whatsoever!


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