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things that warm my heart

  • Basically what I need all the time finally came to me for moments this summer: Triple dates/family time/bowling/a weekend/ quality time with my bffs. There are just somethings I can’t do without them. Basically I can’t feel 110% unfiltered and myself without them. I can’t laugh as much. That’s for sure. I can’t be as weird. But we don’t all need to experience that regularly…. I have learned¬†so much from being apart for school and now reunited. I know how lucky I am. I don’t understand how this happened to me, but I can’t fathom how grateful I am to know I have at least two friends forever. Seriously, I read that if you’ve been friends with someone seven years or more then it means they’ll probably be around for LIFE! YES! I WIN.
  • Joe texted me to hangout the one night he was home. Going to his house, getting frostys, and seeing Elysium definitely beat reading a book and falling asleep at 10pm
  • Natalie and Rachel hugged me and welcomed me in when I visited their house for just a few minutes this past weekend
  • My parents know I am obsessed with being a cheapskate and knew I have been craving buffalo wings all summer so yesterday we went thrifting together (Savers 50% off day) then got Wingin It for dinner! #spoiledonlychildstatus
  • When Spencer went to see Monsters University for the second time yesterday, he said he teared up at the Blue Umbrella short film since it reminded him of me
  • Buddy took a selfie with me, and he kept letting me try to scratch his ear for him when he was freaking out because it was so itchy
  • Other Joe snapchats me often and is hilarious
  • My mom let me get TWO KINDS of [high quality] cookies at the grocery store the other day
  • Spencer didn’t make fun of me when I typed out a freakishly long emoji story to him.
  • My dad never fails to tell me about his biking adventures
  • Alex and I watched John Tucker Must Die and man oh man, nostalgia.
  • My mom is getting as obsessed as I am with finding something to enhance my dorm’s wall
  • Roshni sent me the link to the cutest GIF ever of babies wearing matching pjs and said “this is us”
  • Buddy came down to the basement and kept me company while I watched a movie by myself the other night // He and Spencer had the sweetest goodbye moment last week
  • Knowing there are many faces I am excited to see at school
  • Having Leia and Alissa to just laugh and observe Boulder with

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