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yeah read about me!

Among obsessive reality TV watching, office watching, classic movie watching, and random bad movie watching, I have started watching New Girl on Netflix. I kind of relate to Jess. I mean not that I can relate to the whole “I’m awkward with people and boys but I’m secretly (not actually secretly) freaking beautiful and cute and charming”. I’m no Zooey Deschanel. But I relate to being awkward. And I relate to causing awkwardness. And I relate to having more guy friends than girl friends at times. And I do like to sing to myself. And make my own songs. No one appreciates my singing though. Darn. OH and I like calling people out on their douchebag-edness!

But also lets talk about the Bachelorette. Yes, I have religiously watched e v e r y episode this season. It started as a fun way to procrastinate at school (and hear guys’ opinions on  the bachelorette guys), but now it’s just me sitting on my couch.  By myself. Getting teared up when Brooks is talking to Des about how he is not quite in love with her. Because if anyone’s fallen in love (in 9 weeks OR more) and had struggles with crying while talking to a significant other, we all know that was the real-est shiz we’ve seen on reality tv in forever?

And lets talk about random happenings at home. Because  I don’t get to go  anywhere awesome this summer. But listen to this, my state is coloRADo! Get it? RAD? Yeah… So I’ve done some fun things! Like go to the mountains for a day with my family! And see all my friends! Man am I grateful for them. There are the friends from childhood, from sports and activity, and from just plain socializing, and I love them all! It’s really something to be able to pick up where I left off with everyone. The frustrating part is getting schedules to match up to hang out!
But quite notably I’ve…

  • Been to Dairy Queen, Qdoba, Goodtimes, and Casa Bonita with Alissa and Leia (don’t worry we tried to play tennis once but got rained out so you can’t blame us)
  • Golfed with Mikalah and Jen
  • Walked around, fed horses, and played tennis with Natalie
  • Played volleyball with Dubs, her bf, Kayla and Alex
  • Played tennis with Joe Kyle and Natalie
  • Painted carpet for Sarah’s sweet 16
  • Went to hudson gardens with Spence
  • Watched like all of the office
  • Spent quality time with Buddy?
  • Hotel weekend with BFFs
  • Way too much shopping with mom
  • Way too much reality tv
  • Way too much wishing I blogged more
  • Way too much not knowing what is happening with my studies and next summer

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