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DogSo I’ve been “interning” at the good ol’ wealth management place in the middle of Colorado Springs. It’s not too shabby at all!
Mostly because everyone’s really nice (in general and even to me) and I get most lunches provided (and we all know how I feel about free food)!  When people ask me what I do there I’m not really sure how to answer and I usually give a humorous response about  getting coffee and lunch for the legitimate employees. But I mean, I should give myself some credit, right? Credit for driving safely two hours each time I go to the office. Credit for patiently and responsibly sitting at/in my cubicle for ten hours every time I am in that building. Credit for all of the professional, office-appropriate outfits I’ve worn (including heels some days).

No, no, really. I’ve done so many random “projects” for them I can’t keep track. They call everything I do for them a project. I could be sorting trash from recycling and they’d call it a project. But regardless, when I start thinking about it, I am getting pretty jazzed to update my resume and LinkedIn. Because if I add some umph to the dull office “projects” I’ve completed, they gain spark and life! For example: “typed a zillion and a half spreadsheet data cells” turns into “updated and improved design of top level client information systems” BOOM ROASTED.

And I mean, having weekends, evenings after 8pm, and a couple days during the week off is really, really nice. No, I am not making as much bank as other friends. But I am not too depressed about my life. *Although what’s a little depressing is when I’m at work, and around 4:30, I get a headache from working too hard (obviously) and THEN, I drive/get home around 7:30 (still with headache and hunger and tiredness) and I have to eat a freakin hot pocket for dinner. THAT is what’s depressing.

I am also enjoying a radical summer because Spencer and I are watching nothing but the Office when we hang out. I’m not sure if it was my idea or his, but we’ve watched from season one onwards; and YES, I have indeed convinced him it’s the most hilarious and amazing show ever. Although we’re about to hit the terrible seasons 5-7 so YIKES hold your breath. Maybe Netflix doesn’t even have the worst of it aka when Michael isn’t there and everyone’s just like wut the wut is this b.s.?!?

I also enjoy sleeping. I have a sleeping problem actually. Remember how I said I am free to hang out after 8pm? Well, at school my bedtime was 1 to 1:30am (don’t ask why I don’t know why), but sometimes lately (too many times) when Spencer and I have been watching the Office, I fall asleep while he’s there at like 10pm. It’s an issue. He thinks it’s his fault for being “boring.” But seriously, it’s me not him. Beyond falling asleep when he’s there, I wake up again, then say good night to him, then, when  I don’t have work I can EASILY (much too easily to admit) sleep until 11:45 the next morning. Like what the heck. I am perfectly aware this is a waste of my day and no productive member of society actually sleeps in let alone that late. Yet, when I try to set an alarm for earlier, I just turn it off and sleep more. And when I do wake up a little earlier by chance I think to myself “eh what the heck, I have no plans or work today so why not sleep a little more!” But instead of sleeping a little more, I sleep h o u r s more. ISSUES.

I have seen my besties and been to some family gatherings and more! So here are some tallies of summer so far. It’s too bad I have my goals and hopes set too high for future adventures before summer is over.

Free meals from restaurants: 3 (thanks Spence and cow appreciation day!)
Trips to the rec center: 2
Played tennis: 1
Played golf: 1 (I’m a natural. Look out SCU golf team! can you say overconfident?)
“Run”s: 1
Walks: 2
Triple date: 1
Tanks of gas paid for: MEH like too many approximately 1 a week or more
bunnies cared for: 1
ice creams bought: 2
clothes bought: stuff for work, camis from forever, 2 hello apparel tank tops
Pounds gained: 5 (lolz I don’t actually know but I am really re-thinking my life lately. I need to diet or something. But I love food.)
Books read: 2.5 ( Mindy Kahling’s [do read it. just do it.], Blog Inc. [quick read, semi-interesting ], and Etsy for dummies [don’t get your hopes up].
Card made: Three (Dad, Sarah, Roshni)


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