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Top 25 Freshman Year

Spring Quarter2

(in no particular order)
1. Chick Flicks with TJ and Roshni
2. Getting hired as a Student Ambassador and all that it has brought to my life
3. Thanksgiving break, specifically, llamas, juice sqeeze, Drake and Josh, and frolfing
4. Dance parties
5. FINALLY helping with Kid’s club SCCAP — and killing a car tire!?
6. Spencer’s Visit, the second one in particular! Kan Jam, Carnival, Gatsby!
7. Santa Cruz All-Nighter– then coming back without my key and sleeping in the lounge/ using guys bathroom!!
8. Bay to Breakers — seeing ALL of SF by walking
9. Photo Class, or should I say patience class?
10. Sand volleyball — people actually thought my serves were good (it’s a shame I lost all other skills)
11. The Purge/Late night Hick Road Adventures (no officer, we really haven’t been drinking.)
12. Intramural Softball (GO ALL BLACKS)
13. Wobbling in the halls at 2am
14. Scaring Roshni with the Insidious song playing under her bed — how could she not tell I was laughing the whole time?!
15. My birthday dinner at BJ’s — I have been brought into the Pizookie cult
16. Eating La Vic’s for the first time and going to Halloween Haunt! (/seeing Roshni and Lindsey SOOO scared)
17. Watching volleyball games, cheering on Kim, and actually playing in the serving competitions!
18. Realizing my brother misses me — hehe
19. G+ing my homies and lover — Gotta love those mustaches, glasses, sound effects, and dat communicacion
20. Eating whatever I want whenever  I want — TRUTH
21. Seeing kids on campus (that always made my day!)
22. Gio’s asian accent — the perks of living in the city and taking public transport for most of his life?
23. Tennis with da guys — why are they all so athletic
24. Cards in the lounge — felt like old people but gosh, bonding at its finest
25. Leaving people and a place that started as strange and now feels like home. Being confident with my college choice and so happy to return in September


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