College, Deep thoughts, Home

Sometimes it clicks.

IMG_20130517_000011Today was one of those days. Where, if nothing else, I felt loved, fortunate, and blessed, even among stress (that rhymes but ignore it?). As incredibly busy as I’ve been freaking out about finals, worrying that I won’t have time to pack, and missing my friends and family at home, I was able to realize the impact Santa Clara has made on me this year. I’ve gone from knowing no one to being able to count on people for anything and everything. I don’t take that lightly. I strongly believe there is something special about Santa Clara’s culture that makes it the perfect place to live and go to school. People are so open to getting to know each other, and more so, they are willing to help. When people say that you enter the Bronco family forever, it is not just a cheesy phrase that helps people commit to attending school at SCU. It is truth. In 33 weeks, I have been adopted into a fully functioning family of peers, older classmen, staff and faculty, bosses, co-workers, alumni, and community who all care. They are there smiling. They are there to procrastinate with. They are there to make your day. They are there to relax with and stress with. They are there to motivate you, inspire you, and accept you. As diverse of roles and personalities there are in the Bronco family I have met so far, I know that kindness exceeds any preconceptions or stereotypes. While I’m sure there are nice people at every university, does every university feel like home as much as SCU does now? I don’t know if I will ever find that out because I’ll be going back to SCU this fall


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