Awkward, Real Talk

go ahead and tweet about it


(snoop dawg lingo…………SO FUNNY!
i don’t think twitter works for me. there are two ways to approach twitter: you either share every thought you have every five seconds, or you share witty shameless thoughts/pictures/vine videos that make me LOL (literally). But here’s the thing, I’m not quite funny enough to pull off the latter and I’m not annoying enough to pull of the first! To pull off the first one…. you can’t. Unless you’re Harry Potter, James Bond, Indiana Jones, or someone with a ridiculously adventurous and ever-changing life (might I add Amanda Bynes to this list?? I was definitely distracted by her twitter by a solid ten minutes during class yesterday. But I suppose that one’s for another post?)! To pull off the funny tweeter persona, you have to ALREADY be popular, likable, and funny. People of this type naturally have a fan base to appreciate their wit and sense of humor.  With being extremely hilarious on twitter, your fans and friends must not only favorite, but re-tweet AND respond. You take on a celebrity persona when this is pulled off. How do I know? Well well well, I myself am a “follower” of such. And they are the reason I keep coming back to the app with the little blue bird. That and the news links are super helpful at times. I strive to be these people.

my other issue with twitter istweeter-follower relationships. My rule with social media is if you wouldn’t talk to them in real life, why the effffff would you care enough about them to request to follow them on twitter? Is it a numbers game? Do people just want high numbers…quantity… without quality relationships of friends? I honestly don’t get it. Unless again, you find yourself as one of the celebrity all-stars of twitter because of your personality. For me, I am strug-lin. I have a few of my best friends, but don’t often go on or use twitter. Then I have the hilarious and practical people I follow, and besides that, just a few other friends who pursue path number one: annoying.

last thing that doesn’t work about twitter:
it’s way too easy to creep on people being idiots. or get lost creeping on hilarious girl crushes. AND, basically, people are F R E A K S when and if they tweet at celebrities and when they share their own pictures or re-post facebook weirds me out. And this is coming from the girl who saw old guys’ junk unwillingly at B2B. Yep, I went there.


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