College, Loveydovey


I suppose may came and went kind of quickly? Weird.

Spring Quarter

Spring QuarterCan we all please appreciate this comparison? At least a little? (I may or may not have thought I was genius.)

May 4-13: I had an absolute blast with Spencer!! It was so weird bringing him into my “normal” here on campus but he fit in all too well. The thing is, when he was here, I obviously didn’t need to or really want to be spending time with everybody else since it was so special to have him! But as college goes, we were definitely social to some extent! Like when we went to Life of Pi at the discount theater! Or when we played Kan Jam and KICKED BUTT LIKE NONE OTHER. AND when we went to the carnival! AND when he watched my intramural game (Although he coached me more than cheered me on…… yikes.)! But I mean, our “alone” time was nice too. Like the first day he was here when I made us go to the rose gardens  to smell roses and sit in the grass! And we saw dream houses on the way back (aka University Ave. oh my word perfection). Or every meal in Benson when it was just us two! Yay for extra meal points being used up! Or when we went to the mall and Santana Row where we pretended it was my birthday! *Side note: I got jipped on a sweater at H&M. It was on the “take half off” clearance rack so I thought it was $10… it was actually misplaced and still $20. My life. BUT BACK TO MY FAKE BIRTHDAY! Cheesecake factory! Where I ordered gourmet chicken nuggets, with mashed potatoes, AND cheesecake for dessert! Yes, call me spoiled. For that night  I most definitely was. Then, after, we saw a movie that I chose… The Great Gatsby! And did we love it? Simple answer: No. We were freaked out by the insane amounts of hiphop to which flapper girls were partying and the weird use of CGI for like, Gatsby’s house and other stuff. But by the end, we appreciated the humor, Daisy’s intelligence (as compared to the first movie), Leo Dio’s face say whaa, the music despite its awkwardness in the 1920’s piece, and the extravagence of it all! Of course, that was only a few days before Spencer left…. but basically, it was the best just to have him around, to talk to and spend time with. And just to clarify, I did indeed attend every single class period and work hour while he was here (that’s supposed to make me seem like a responsible being).

Spring Quarter1

May 13-now: Hmmmmmmm I stressed a about taking pictures for film photography class. I struggled to fight my way into the ACE program but ultimately got shut down since I’d only be able to attend 85% of the meetings instead of the required 100%. I pulled an all-nighter for FUN when a few friends and I left for Santa Cruz at midnight and didn’t get back to campus until 6am. What a long day that was! The same Friday of that adventure, I had an “end” of the year dinner with everyone from work where I won the “calm, cool, and collected” award since my personality isn’t quite as strong as the others in the program. HA. I also got up relatively early on Saturday to adventure around playgrounds for a group project in my business class. AND THEN on Sunday (oh holy day Sunday) I participated in the Santa Clara tradition of cramming the CalTrain at 5am to go to Bay to Breakers!!! I swear, waking up at 3:30am was worth it. BUT, I felt as though the train ride there was some type of dream/nightmare(?). I’ll let that one reside in my memory rather than explaining. Oh and the race was something of its own as well. Obviously. Because it’s a 12k “race”, I walked, through all of San Francisco. And with San Francisco, as you may know, comes very…. “crazy” people. Crazy people who either wore weird costumes, or, wore nothing at all? Yes, I made it into a game to make it less painful, but um, I may or may not have counted over 40 middle-to-old-aged men wearing absolutely-freaking-nothing. Ew. No shame was had by them. But man was I cringing and trying to keep my distance from all of them. Highlights of B2B included seeing the whole city and all of its colorful people, seeing unreal house parties in front of already awesome houses, walking the whole thing *sober*, and ending at Ocean Beach! Who knew there was a gorgeous beach over on the other side of SF? Not this dumb Colorado girl!! Last highlight would probably be Taco Bell afterwards. Because man, when you’re starving, nothing helps you better than a good old bean burrito and nachos with fake cheese sauce. Skip forward another week of stress and taking midterms, and you find me and Nnaoma volunteering at Kids Club and also destroying a tire on a SCCAP car? Yeah… we survived safely and changed the tire, but holy moly we might be paying for that one.

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. A fun crazy cool blessed life! Oh and beyond the fun stuff highlighted above, I have been pretty jealous of everyone who’s home for summer. Hence, I have been distracted, and unproductive at work that really needs to get done. Hence, I have struggled internally with homesickness and the likes. Thank God for phones and G+?  I don’t know how my grades will turn out this quarter, but regardless, I will be so relieved once I’m back in Colorado!


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