young and foolish

almost unrelated picture:
Selfie time last summer at Bridal Veil Falls in Utah! Trust me, we tried to ask a stranger to take our picture but he didn’t know how to shift a camera 180 degrees to take a portrait/vertical shot
[*(unwarranted) Advice: as cool as it sounds and as adventurous as you feel, do NOT try to go up closer to the top level of the falls. The route up is SKETCHAY and DANGEROUS so just don’t do it.*]

I’m so young and foolish that I spent a month’s worth of paycheck (I don’t work very much I suppose?) to get my boy out here for a visit. So young and foolish that it only seems right to spend time with him before summer… because summer is too far away for me. So foolish that I can’t focus on school or anything besides him. So young that I am repeating the same phrases of excitement over and over because I do not know how to truly express my emotions. He’s coming to visit me. We’re going to celebrate my birthday! Because that’s what we do!

We’ve survived a school year of long distance. We tried our best and gave it a chance to work.It has brought us closer despite 810 miles. Our trust for each other has been strengthened along the way. It feels great! And I can’t wait for our pre-summer and real summer together.


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