and in this fine season of spring….

I had a break. A week at home.
A week with my parents, and most notably my dog. (He’s still kickin’. No worries everyone!)
A week with obscene amounts of sleeping and DVR and Netflix watching.
A week that started with a flight being cancelled and ended with seeing my bestest friends for 30 minutes instead of at least 30 hours.
Overall, I’d give it a solid B or B-.

When I was home, I wanted to be lazy. Lazy with a nice side of adventure. Like my adventurous “at-home-but-not-at-school” eating. I ate my little heart out with qdoba and noodles company. Didn’t make it to Chick Fila though (would’ve had to go by myself since my parents “don’t eat there anymore”). We didn’t have too many delicious snacks at home either thanks to mom’s recent weight watchers endeavors. Health food central up in thur. We went to the mountains the Monday and Tuesday I was home, and I was a little too unmotivated to hit the slopes two days. Instead I hit the outlets with my mother one day and the slopes the second. Keystone and snowboarding/skiing will always have my heart! But I mean, the car ride up to the mountains was probably the greatest. I improved my dog-parenting skills by calming Buddy down. After he calmed down, we had a photo shoot. Sorry I’m so accepting of my obsessive pet-human friendship!

completely normal friendship

completely normal friendship

did however get to see some of my funn(i)est and closest human friends over break.
By taking a quick trip to CSU, I saw all of my high school class. Funny joke right? Eh no. but I did see a good eight people or so. My favorites (sorry to rank friends) were Maggie and Joe. When you put us three together it’s the strangest most lovely thing. We know each other too well and aren’t afraid to be…….. weird?

I also saw Leia and Alissa AND Natalie!! Ah. I love friends who I can just talk to for hours. And all of them are those type of friends, (here I go with more friend ranking) especially Natalie. Because we hadn’t seen each other in forever and we have the greatest juicy catching up sessions. Plus, more than anyone else I know, she can totally relate to me with the whole long distance thing. And she has the cutest bunny ever! She’s actually the only person I know who has a bunny. So she’s helped me grow my obsession with cute bunnies!

Speaking of bunnies, it was Easter. And the Easter bunny visited me! Because he knew I needed chocolate. Oh and Jew Crew Passover Seder was the night before! yay for having no core beliefs! (also yay for eating chocolate covered raisins like no big deal even though I should’ve been sticking to matzoh)

Winter Quarter & Spring Break 2013

Glorious Easter basket and the egg friend I dyed!

I ended up going shopping with my mother probably three or four times over the span of four or five days. But here’s the thing, shopping takes sweet precious time. AND sweet precious effort. And if you’re not feeling it, it doesn’t go over too well when you go four times. I was a little… dare I say… moody, for a section of the week (no thanks to mother nature), but shopping excessively actually didn’t help me out too much since I felt like I didn’t need or even want new clothes after the first shopping trip.

Other moodiness occurred for the following reasons:
-Stress resulting from having to wait and check repeatedly to receive my grades from the quarter
-Still being bummed about not receiving the Donovan Fellowship for which I still have my heart set. (Maybe next year? Or something?)
-Knowing I was a close 8 hour drive away from my boy but not being able to see him. (yay for skype. feel my enthusiasm? I sure don’t)
– Not having good snack foods around. Some might refer to this feeling as hanger?
-Having a death in Alex’s family that ruined me and Kayla and Alex’s plans to celebrate their birthdays. (At least I saw them for 30 minutes? Bright side of life? Brightest side = They will be my friends forever so no worries there)

So yeah. That was break. I headed back to SCU and here I am! In alll its glory. But really, campus is gorgeous right now! Spring quarter will hopefully be pretty interesting but breezy (just don’t talk to me about that 20 page research paper I have in store ahead)!


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