College, Random

pretty (miserable) in pink(eye)

Does life ever knock you down right after you just hit a weak point? Well, life’s sure testing me right now. Testing my patience, health, time management, attitude and more I’m sure. Progression of events is as follows:

— not hired as a CF –> say bye to Spencer –> get meh grade in Art History –> don’t know what the heck my thesis is for the paper I need to write for art history –> soar throat –> miss Spencer SO MUCH –> eye gook –> not productive at homework –> feel like a stressed out failure (with disgusting amounts of eye gook) –> realization that I may have incoming case of pinkeye –> say F THIS and go to bed –> wake up to alarm at 7:45 –> cannot see –> cannot open eyes –> spend many minutes cleaning eyes –> eyes still swollen and gooey –> feel like crying –> call work and say I can’t make it –> go back to bed –> call health center –> don’t have any appointment times open–> skip class (x2) –> people look at me as if I’m a monster (x70) –> behind at school –>
my life.

Have you ever had eyes that function as noses? Like they run and have greenish boogers and you can’t control them. And maybe you have to use tissues to keep it under control? Have you ever just wanted to have a car to drive to the doctor’s and not been able to? Have you ever just wanted to be cared for by your momma or your boy and lay in bed but instead you only have yourself, a comfy bed, and warm water to help? And on top of that, stress of school, being apart from people I love and being tired all the time.

It’s just what I’m dealing with right now. No big deal. I’m kind of looking forward to spring break though. Also, if anyone wants to transport me to a tropical island for a free vacation, I’d be down.


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