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if nothing else there are palm trees

IMG_20121024_173659My weekend was blissful. Sleeping in and staying up late. Cuddling, watching Friends, walking around. Smiling, and laughing. There was something so unreal about having Spencer visit me here at school. Everyone and everything I’ve been describing for the past 6 months became real for him. And I couldn’t stop smiling. Or holding his hand. Or caring about his every concern or need [read: Eat MORE Spencer! I have too many dining points!].

One of the first things I told Spence as he entered campus and we walked up Palm Drive was that even when I am stressed, homesick, or missing him, there’s always the beauty of campus to keep me going. The palm trees that we associate with tropical vacations are here everyday.

But since he was FINALLY there WITH ME, we carried on with other business like what he wanted to get for dinner and if he was happy (let’s just say his journey to get here was rather complicated because of uncontrollable delays and rude public transportation that leaves right when people are about to get on). We had a splendid weekend and even took a few selfies to try to capture the greatness of being together! Selfies are acceptable when you’re just hanging out with your significant other and don’t want to be awkward and walk up to someone and make them take a picture, right?Winter Quarter2

Winter Quarter1

Of course, all AMAZING SUPER PERFECT RELAXING boyfriend visits must come to an end. An ending that of course included me becoming nothing but a ball of emotion. And that ended in me shielding my ugly-crier face in public by burying my face in Spencer’s chest. And that required me to quickly turn my back away from him and walk out the door without looking back.

I took the bus back to school. Still struggling with accepting that his visit is over, I walked quickly up the street. And sure enough was greeted by chilly wind and palm trees swaying. They remind me to be thankful for the great moments I have and the people and place I am surrounded by.


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