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Did you know: Parents and Muir Woods Edition

IMG_0459It was parents weekend recently, and of course my parents came to the good old SCU to learn and celebrate with me. Mostly we celebrated the fact that they had a rental car. A glorious Chevy Impala. It was black. With cloth seats. And some major vrooming when my dad drove aggressively! We (I) celebrated having the Impala by driving to all the best places just out of walking distance from campus: Costco, Target, downtown San Jose, Muir Woods, and Sausalito.

Not going to lie though, most of my happiness was acquired from our trip to Costco. Because my parents spoiled me. And I got FOOD, DRINKS, AND A DORM PET! That’s right! A pet! If you consider a fake wire cage with three chocolate bunnies a pet. I do. What of it?! Anyways, more than Costco, it was so fun seeing my parents! Yes, they were way too excited about going to their parent information sessions, and yes, my dad did try way too hard to be funny when meeting my friends, but some things never change!

Saturday brought us to the study abroad info session (I seriously CANNOT wait til it’s my time to shine -aka go abroad) and after, we went to the movies! We saw side effects. I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie (it was my nap time ok?!) but I didn’t miss much and I’m happy to report that the movie is thought provoking, twisted, and (Channing Tatum is) extremely good (looking).

IMG_0500It was so nice to get off campus and explore nature in Muir Woods on Sunday! Did you know that those trees are basically as popular as Disneyland? That’s right folks, there were hoards of families with children walking into the park. There were people taking pictures of everything. And there was crappy parking because it was so popular! Unlike Disneyland, we experienced real, live nature. We even crossed a river in our bare feet (shh don’t tell the park rangers. we might have disturbed the salmon that were supposedly swimming there even though they definitely were nowhere in sight).

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After some “exhausting” (we didn’t pack water) “hiking” (walking ~3 miles), we trekked back to the parking lot and eventually took a cruise over to perfectly cute and touristy Sausalito. Lunch was lovely. Lovely in the sense that we got a lot more walking in (thanks for wanting to see ALLL of the possible options mom) and lovely in the sense that eating a relatively mediocre sandwich was incredibly rewarding since my hanger was dissolved.

IMG_0603IMG_0606Successful weekend no? It went by way too fast. But on the plus side I decided I’ll be going home for spring break! Can’t wait to see those rents, my friends, my puppy (old dog), and the Rocky Mountains at the end of next month! But for now— just wanted to post this update about parents week! And say MY PARENTS ARE THE BEST AND I LOVED HAVING THEM VISIT.


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