Thank heavens for MLK (day). With no classes and major cabin-fever, my friends and I knew we needed to get out! My roommate and I proposed the idea of going to the city and we had six other takers! Two of them (Joe and Gio) are locals and made the navigating exceptionally easier than it would’ve been without them. Everyone who came was in a good mood, motivated by food, and happy to play “tourist” for the day! To get there we caught the 9:15 Caltrain and got into the city a little after 11. Then, to get to Fisherman’s wharf we took the #30 bus! AND in just a few hours, we managed to…

  • Eat  lunch at Boudin bakery — Soup and sourdough bread bowls for everyone!
  • Walk Fisherman’s wharf and see fun performers and people!
  • Walk Pier 39: thank you magic shop, lefty shop, saltwater taffy, sea lions, and gorgeous view!
  • Conquer Ghirardelli Square: Frisbee in the park, talking to some crazy cool old man who made up songs with his guitar on the spot and claimed to speak 24 languages, and ice cream sundaes (He also told us he was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel this Friday? We were a little confused but we will tune in to see if he spoke truth!)

It was the perfect way to spend our Monday! And even though done the tourist thing in SF multiple times before, this time was extra special since I went with friends!

Side notes: man do I love sourdough bread. And of course I got back from our adventure and decided to make a video. Hopefully everyone can appreciate the essence of my video without judging the insanely terrible quality.


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