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way too happy with now

IMG_20130118_234815I’m back at school and I am great at neglecting this blog! But as my lovely list of mostly eh 2013 Resolutions says, I want to document life and its happenings this year!
I’m loving this quarter at school because I’m feeling more comfortable than ever here. I’ve started training for work and I’m so blessed to have been added into such an amazing group of people. All of the other ambassadors are the friendliest and most knowledgeable people ever. It also has put the pressure off of me now that there is another round of hiring going on. This time around, people can apply for multiple leadership positions on campus by simply checking a box. I’m glad the odds and the man above worked in my favor back in…. November!

This quarter I have more difficult classes with “better” professors*for the most part*. I used rate my professor and my early registration time in my favor. I’m taking art history again, critical thinking and writing (about individualism in the free market??), OMIS (which covers Excel and Access), Business71 which is about leadership, and Econ1 (yikers!). I’m just a little concerned about the sanity of one of my professors (she will not be named in this post though).

I am really really trying to make the most of my year/schooling in general by grasping a fair amount of opportunities here. Last quarter I started a little slow by getting to know my floor mates well. This quarter, I’m trying to challenge myself to be extra adventurous and seek friendship! Just yesterday I submitted my application to be a Community Facilitator, Santa Clara’s fancy way of saying RA. I’m hoping I can stand out with my application and in the group interviews. It would be such a great opportunity to act as both a leader and a representative for the place I’ve come to love. Not to mention, free room and board would take some weight off of my parents/my shoulders with paying for everything.

The past two weeks I’ve also become obsessed with the Donovan Fellowship here at SCU. It’s a way for students to be granted $1500 to put towards volunteering for 4-6 weeks in the summer. It sounds like a dream to me! When I heard about it I couldn’t stop google searching and trying to read more about it! I went to an informational meeting and I’m convinced it’s the direction I want to head in this summer. To apply I need to research and find my ideal program or organization to volunteer for. My gut tells me education or community building in Latin America. That way I’d get to put my money, heart, and SPANISH SKILLZ to use! The application is due February 20 so we’ll see how that works out. Hopefully my raw desire will help me be selected! Only 15-20 receive the fellowship!

OH! And last night I FINALLY made the move and went to SF to participate in a Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) program… Project Open Hand! We delivered hot and frozen meals to people in development housing. They were kind and appreciative AND I got to meet a few new SCU people! I’ll definitely be going back some time soon since it’s every Friday.

I’m convinced I’m at the perfect school for me! Now I must start my econ homework? YAY!?

PS: I’m going to see this kid in March say whaaa! (I feel required to tell you these pictures were from the airport when we were parting ways and they were taken with the highest quality front facing camera duh.)


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