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it’s over already?

mountain-001Apparently I’ve been home for about a month now. Honestly, I don’t understand where the time has gone. A week was spent sitting on the couch, watching TV and wanting friends to come home. Now all of a sudden three weeks have passed just like that! I’m not sure how I feel about it. I haven’t gotten to spend “enough” time with my best friends and boyfriend. I could see them everyday and want to spend more time with them! I also haven’t even seen some of the people I expected to reunite with! It’s kind of a bummer. But I am very grateful for the time I have had here.1spench

Spencer and I picked up right where we left off once I got over the initial literal shock of having him in my physical presence talking to me and ahhhh!!! I was semi (really) freaking out when I picked him up at the airport threeish weeks ago. I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking and I was a freak who couldn’t stop shouting “You’re home! You’re with me!” It was quite exciting. Being away from your best (boy)friend for as long as we were was sooooo dumb. That’s the best adjective I can think of.

Regardless, we’ve been spending as much time with each other as possible with only minor family and friend commitments keeping us apart. I don’t mean to brag but you should be proud of me for watching all three Lord of the Rings movies in the FULL LENGTH / EXTENDED editions.. with Spencer! You can talk to me allllll about Gandalf and Frodo and Gordor and Mordor and the Shire and Smeagol/Gollum! And confession time, all of the confusing, unfamiliar, and similar-sounding city and person names had me just a little lost. I guess I have Spencer to thank for my “in-depth” comprehension of the series since he  explained everything to me in simple terms.

For example:
Me: How did Gandalf come back to life? And how did he know to go to Bilbo’s house in the first place?*(Note: I saw the Hobbit)
Spencer: Gandalf is basically Jesus. And he comes from another land so he just knows things.
Me: Seriously?!?

One thing I know for sure about the movies? I can identify Legolas (ORLANDO BLOOM!) with no hesitation whatsoever.

barkWe continued our Christmas “tradition” of making treats on the 24th. Spence was really excited that we made peppermint bark instead of a zillion individually decorated sugar cookies since it took a fraction of the time!

We went outside one cold night for the Botanic Gardens’ Blossoms of Light! It was fuhreezing but at least one of us (…Spencer) got good pictures of lights I’m sure! And he was using a film camera! The anticipation! I can’t handle it!

Spencer and I also went after-Christmas shopping. And bought each other after-Christmas presents? Don’t worry about it.
most notably, he made my New Years fan-freakin-tastic by meeting my family up at our condo in Keystone for some skiing/snowboarding and New Year celebrating!!
people3Bahh I was one happy girl once I had him with me! This was the third New Years we’ve spent together! Crazy! We celebrated by having a delicious lobster dinner (with Martinelli’s!) and sitting on the couch cuddling. My favorite. Side note: Jenny McCarthy NEEDS to get off of NBC’s New Years programming, just saying.

Ahh I’ve enjoyed break. Sleeping. Relaxing. Binge eating wait whaaaa. Driving. Smiling. Laughing. All of it.

And even though I just described a few times with Spencer… other notable memories/experiences include:

– Visiting Kayla (and Danny!?) at Mines during her/their finals week!
– Seeing Zoey perform in her play as the loud girl who has a crush on the stage manager. She kept reminding us after that the boy was in first grade!!!! Since she’s in fourth, there is no waaaay it was realistic! 😉
– Going Christmas shopping with Kayla and Sarah at Walmart. We bought… random, immature, and semi-inappropriate gifts. Sue us.
– Watching Pitch Perfect and hanging out with Dubs, Andrea, Sam and Kayla
– Getting Starbucks and catching up with Kayla and Morgan
– Surprising Jesse on her birthday with Leia! She was the proud owner of a Winnie the Pooh balloon and smushed cupcake.
– Saying bye to the Olsons while they were packing for their cruise. Can you say Sarah bootyshakin to rap? And snapchats galore? YES.
– Seeing Les Mis with Alex, Ms.Gianna, and mom in the morning then spending til 8pm with them and our families.
– Going snowboarding/skiing with Jesse and Leia at Loveland!
tres– Going to see Skyfall yesterday with Spencer as VIPS! Reclining leather love seat and popcorn and soda brought to us?! Living the dream.
– Snapchatting old and new friends
olsonsistasI’ll be back in California in two days! I’m going to have a tougher schedule and a JOB! Can’t wait to get busy and hopefully have my boy come visit at some point!


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