on being home after first quarter of college

I’ve come home to boredom.

Yes it’s great to be back to the comforts of home- the parents, friends, MY DOG, food, snow, etc.
But here’s the thing.
While I love the people I’ve already seen and the things I’ve already done,
none of my main squeezes are hooooome yet!

I have been counting down the days to see my best friends and boyfriend. I have wanted to reunite with the best of the best aka the people on facebook I actually interact with.

But since I’ve been home, I’ve become bored. You can take the girl out of SCU but you can’t take the SCU out of the girl.
What I’m trying to say is….. I miss some of the people I’ve been surrounded by constantly for the past three months. Thank gosh for snapchat keeping me smiling. I miss having things to do. I miss the extra level of freedom and spontaneity associated with college.

DSCF9122-002But for now,
I will keep catching up on TV. I mean….. somehow it only took me a night or two to catch up on all my recordings (I’m really REALLY good at using the fast forward button during commercials), but now I’m on to random TV shows (I’m half-heartedly paying attention to How I Met Your Mother as I type) and terrible movies (mostly romcoms since I’m a pathetic girl missing Spencer)

I will keep going to required “appointments”: Orthodontist and hair- check! Dentist- up next!

I will keep trying to figure out what to get people for Christmas. Because I really am not going to make an effort to get to the mall just to spend my barely remaining funds on others (yikes I sound selfish ahhh I swear I’m not!).

I will keep texting, snapchatting, and skyping my favorites. The only problem is most of them still have to study for and take finals.

I will keep trying to view this downtime as positive even after ranting about it just now? Sleeping has been great. Getting to catch up on TV was also lovely. I like shopping with mom. And hmmmm hanging out and taking selfies with my dog, wait whaaa?!

Winter Break 2012-001Winter Break 20121
Oh, and just to sum it all up,
I’m oh so grateful for all of the wonderful and kind people I’ve met at school so far.
I love my school. *but the school bookstore rips off e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y.
I’m glad the food is very good for “dorm food”.
I’m SOSO EXCITED to start my job next quarter.
I got decently average/good grades.
I’m glad to be home, the little things put a smile on my face.
I can’t wait til break is in full swing with everybody!


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