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Feel-Good Finals Week

IMG_20121130_112930You gotta believe me when I say that honestly really, last week was worse than this crazy thing called finals week.

Last week, I had a 32 page group research paper due (each person wrote 8 pages). I also had a presentation for that paper. I also had two other tests in two other classes (art history and sociology).
It was a little stressful.

This week, I only have to write a 3-4 page (art history) paper due Wednesday (I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but it was only assigned Wednesday and I had tests Thursday and Friday so give me a break!) and take one test (business70 come at me bro!).

IMG_20121202_120450Point of the story is, I’m not too stressed, and I’m really good at distracting people who are semi-trying to study. heh heh
Second point of the story is I had a really fun homework-free weekend. I got the awesomest mail from Spencer, met some of my fellow student ambassadors, got hecka lotta sleep, and went out to breakfast on Sunday! Yeeeee!

Finals Week?I’m a bit too relaxed. Sleeping in, spending a chunk of the day “running errands”, eating crap without stress to blame it on, getting no work done, distracting others … what the heck? Actually. I’m freaking myself out. Which is why I’m in the process of having someone change my Facebook password for me currently. It’s also why I’m getting up at 8am tomorrow and hitting the library hard.

In other news:
I miss my puppayyy

And I love when people tell others how they really feel!

And  ONLY basically 3 freakin days til I’m home and reunited with the rents and bff. 12 til I see Spencey! (That’s Spencer to those of you who are not ridiculous enough to call him that far more often than he’d like to hear)

And I love being given free stuff to ease the pain of an already painless finals week! ie mostly food but also green books, scantrons, chocolate, and other food!


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