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I love fourth floor!

Today started rather slow. During my 8am I laughed at the story my professor told so dully and unclearly. He spoke of driving up a high-altitude Colorado road that went to a mountain overlook. He said the road was on the way to Copper Mountain. I thought, “hmmm that’s basically like every road.” He mumbled something about the continental divide and highest road. He mentioned how when he drove up to the top he got altitude sickness because it was 15,000 or 16,000 feet.  I laughed. By process of elimination/being smart, I assumed it was either Mt. Evans or Loveland Pass, neither of which were 15,000 feet. Then I laughed because the story ended with “so I drove down to a lower altitude and felt better.” Then I laughed because the story barely applied to what we were talking about. And it most certainly had nothing to do with business or ethics. I also laughed when he couldn’t find the word for “ice picks” so instead he said “studs in ice.” Man, this guy is quite entertaining if you can keep up with his crazy ramblings. But um… let’s just say I’m glad his class is THIS close to being over.

After “laughing” and being a cruel person (yikes?), I learned a little more about homeless people. And it is quite clear my professor lays on the left side of the political spectrum. Yay for no bias in class? hmmf. She’s quite funny though. Not actually funny. Funny like she started class by telling us she adopted a dog? If you think that’s funny?

So after those two classes it was lunch time and I was hangry (hungry + angry if you don’t speak my language). I was hungry because duh, it was lunchtime. I was angry because since the morning I’d continuously checked my student email time and time again with no receival of a special expected email. I was waiting for one email to tell me whether or not I made the final cut to be none other than a student ambassador (aka SCU tour guide among other things).

After lunch, and a third, antsy email-checking-filled class, I tried to stop thinking about the email for a while. In fact, I got a little sad because I figured they’d probably have emailed me by then if I got the job.


I refreshed my email for the zillionth time and lo and behold, THE email was sitting there unopened. I clicked it. And read. The words: “Congratulations, you made it!” Then I started smiling and shaking. Then I skim read the rest! Then I wanted to scream to the world “YES I AM A TOUR GUIDE SLASH STUDENT AMBASSADOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!” But, that’s not me. Instead, I pranced out into the hallway and told my roommate who was on the phone! Then she freaked out more than me and made me freak out more! Then everyone knew since they heard her scream!

Agh. Happy day. I get to do the best job on campus. I’m seriously SO excited. dk;fasflj;kl;fdkj

Oh! AND for dinner, my dorm had a catered Thanksgiving Dunner in the basement (get it? Dunner because my dorm is Dunne!!)!! It was mmmm mmmmmm mmmmm good. Turkey mashed potatoes bread stuffing gravy coke pie good. Friends and being thankful and donating money to Kiva good. Slideshow watching and picture taking and raffle-drawing good.

And for second dessert I had chocolate and a choco taco fo free!! I suppose you could say I’m living the (high cholesterol, obesity-inducing) dream!! And for fun I played cards and watched people think my friend was…drunk… because she was going crazy on a sugar high!

Solid 7 hours of my day right here! Bah! Good times. Wait, until now when I accidentally deleted all of my pictures taken the past two weeks. DANGIT. Oh but don’t worry, I MIRACULOUSLY got them back. It took a good hour or two but I found a crazy sketch program online that I dowloaded that found them for me! Yippity Skippity woooo! Those two sentences made it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal when… it was.


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