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on Halloween, Hiking, Happiness, and Horror

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy gosh. Tomorrow is November sixth. Which means it’s election day. I’ve been biting my nails and I am so flippin excited for to see the outcome! Those good news sources tell me its quite a close race! And I’m curious to see which way my home state swiiiiiiings!
In other news, as a skilled alliteration-er…….. let’s talk about some *H*appenings lately!

Me with my floormate… who’s dressed up as a Mormon missionary for Halloween! Funny or offensive? You choose!

While Halloween seems to be synonymous with “wear less clothes than regularly accepted by society,” I chose to flaunt the “modest is hottest” ideology as…. my *free* version of…… Batman!/Batgirl! I knew bringing my Batman shirt would do me well. I also knew that being my “boring” self, I would not be submitted to costume scrutiny at any parties or events of the like!! So yes, I wore my batman shirt with leggings and spandex and my rain boots and of course I needed a cape so I duct-taped my over-sized black cardigan to the back of my shirt!!! It worked out perfectly, ok?! Oh and obviously I just had to curl my hair and put some random lipstick on! Not that it went with my costume at all…. but… I wanted to! And what I did on Halloween night involved almost walking to this 18+ party thing at a local “club/bar” but it was too crowded and I didn’t really want to pay. So then I went back to the dorm. Then took a walk with some buddies around the neighborhood to see peoples’ costumes and explore a little. Then going out was over and we played pool and ping pong. And I kicked butt at ping pong. And my Halloween was great?


GoPro Group Photo! Too bad I’m so photogenic I steal all the attention from everyone else! Oh wait…
Click the picture to watch the video!

Yesterday morning/afternoon, I  went on a hike with five friends to a nearby open space park area called Freemont Older. I didn’t know what to expect at all but it was really fun going with friends and getting some quality exercise (I’m not even kidding- we were walking for hours!) while making the most ridiculous GoPro video ever. I really like hiking! The whole “Colorado Girl” thing kind of hit me there when I kept walking speedily up the trails as if we were actually climbing a mountain or reaching a huge overlook! We did actually climb a short but ridiculously steep hill and some other not as painful hills, but, I’m used to mountains! Not going to lie. My other hike I went on, my first weekend at school, was in the forest, but this one was different! It was open grassy hills, with overlooks mind you! But it’s just not the same as Colorado’s magnificence! (Wow that sounds cheesy plus I sound like a Debbie Downer when I had a lovely time!!) Ummmm but… we saw many bikers and people on horseback! And we saw cute dogs everywhere which made me sososo happy! And I had so much fun getting fresh air away from campus! And eating a picnic lunch! Oh and most importantly it was a great little group of people I was with. So again, if you wish you were there, just click on the picture and watch the video shot on the GoPro!


One of the many activities I’ve seen/been a part of in the lounge.

I’m so glad I live on a floor where everyone is, for the most part, very nice to each other. It feels like I’ve known these people so much longer than seven weeks. I trust (most of) them more than many people I knew for years in high school. It blows my mind that I feel so included without trying. While I still want to make other friends outside of fourth floor, lately I’m so glad it’s so easy to get to know people within my floor. I’ve been able to just sit and have “life chats” with who ever I want at the time. I’m so glad people care enough to get to know people on a deeper level. It makes me so happy to know I’m surrounded by completely different people who can gel together so well and honestly show they care about me. It makes it easier to be so far from home and the people I love. I’m loving it here so far. I want to meet more people and get involved in more activities, but I genuinely love where I’m at for the most part. I’m also happy about my workload not being to overwhelming. It’s made my transition a lot easier. I’m also happy my roomie and I are getting along so fantastically! Oh! And I get to group interview for the Student Ambassador position (I’m trying to be positive about it)!


On the way to dinner tonight, my friend/floormate Tom was giving my friend/floormate Joe a piggy back ride. I pretended to jump on to make it a “double piggyback ride” but when I pretended to jump, horror struck. I jumped while trying to place my hand on Joe’s shoulder. But, instead, my clumsy mess of a hand SCRATCHED HIM IN THE FACE. This poor kid. I made him bleed his own blood. Joe was so innocent. Why him?!? Why am I so clumsy? WHY!? And the worst thing is he said it stung even after it stopped bleeding. And the even worse thing was he wouldn’t let me buy him dinner with my surplus of meal points. So basically I had no way to make it up to him. I’m a terrible monster. I can’t forgive myself.
PS: Want to know how innocent Joe is? Look above at the “Hiking” and “Happiness” pictures. He’s the one with the classic thumbs up! Just loving the life that he lives (now with a scratch on his face and a secret hatred and/or fear of me)!


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