Real Talk

Real Talk: The p word

Being the responsible citizen that I am, I fulfilled my civic duty to vote. For the first time ever.
And it has confirmed two things for me: 1) I am quite indecisive (but don’t worry! I did indeed fill out every item on the ballot responsibly!) and, 2) People need to speak of the p word less. p word meaning…. politics.
1) I’m indecisive not in the sense of not being informed. I spent hours watching the debates and researching the major players and even state stuff too. I’m indecisive in the sense that I can see why people could vote either way depending on the issue or their life circumstances. I’m indecisive because the parties are such polar opposites that I cannot help but want a middle ground. And while people can argue one way or another that a candidate is relatively moderate, I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m indecisive because in many ways, I’m quite naive. I’ve never had to provide for a family with a salary, I’ve never had to worry about paying for healthcare or food or education. I’ve never faced it… yet. So these facts made it harder to conceptualize plans and policy issues.

2) Politics has turned into some cutthroat brag/insult fest. Not that it wasn’t like that before, but, I’m just saying, now we’ve got social media to aid people in being obnoxious. We have completely biased posts. We have people trashing the current administration (have some respect for any president?). We have “friends” attacking each other over comments rather than having a nice face to face conversation (can’t you just agree to disagree in real life instead of defriending on the interwebs). I get it. You have freedom of speech. You’re proud that you voted. But screaming your opinion (in real life or online) can put you in a messy situation when the only source you have to back yourself up is your parents’ opinion (you know who you are young people of the nation).

Not that I know much, but I recommend that everyone form their own opinions by researching, then vote for who ever and whatever their heart desires, and then, keep it quiet. Boasting not necessary. Results will display themselves.
I’m done with the overwhelmingly obnoxious and viscous nature of the p word.
So um….

Here’s to an exciting November 6th!!
But personally, I’m excited for November 7th- so people can stop with all of the pre-election nonsense!


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