Halloween Dorm Style

While we can’t actually make jack o’lanterns and light them in the hallway, the roomie and I came up with a couple other ways to celebrate Halloween in a meaningful way. Keep in mind, these solutions are both dorm appropriate and thus also budget friendly!!

1. The care package receival: “Be Very Afraid” Garland $0 in theory
My momma sent me some candy, a Safeway giftcard (woot woot go groceries!), and yes, my ballot for the election all in a care package. I hate to admit it but I was most excited about the garland. I love anything that can help our dorm room be a little less blahhhhhhh!

2. Baby pumpkins $1.25 each at our school’s mini-mart
Mine (on the left) is a bit more traditional than my roomie’s pumpkin family featuring baby pumpkin (she’s obsessed with babies). These instantly gave our room some spirit and made people jealous! Success!?

3. Candy on candy on candy.
Tis the season of receiving and giving candy. Also candy is officially a food group. It is considered perfectly acceptable to purchase package after package of candy. It is perfectly acceptable to eat candy for snack after snack. I love Halloween. …and my toothbrush?


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