College, Random

survival of the fittest

Man oh man! I possibly forgot to mention *in detail* that last week and the week before were kind filled with dreaded midterms. Although, I recently learned that just because it’s “midterms week” doesn’t mean you can’t have other tests called mid-terms!?! But seriously guys, my faith in the college system is slowly but steadily rising. As a freshman, I have no idea how hard or easily these professors grade essays and how hard their tests are! But guys, if you aren’t in any crazy science or math classes (like me right now!), it’s possible to survive. More successfully than expected. Almost as if I have some crazy traits that make me fit for this college stuff!!

Not that I’m any kind of super A+++ receiver, but hey, I’ve managed A’s or B’s on everything so far! Even the test I didn’t feel good about after! (Still waiting to here back about my art history test though. Let’s just not talk about it) THE POINT IS, if you pick classes wisely and/or test out of stuff with AP classes, and study, and listen in class, and work semi-hard, you can transition into college ok *at SCU*.

I definitely cannot speak for others at all. But I’m just saying, I’m surviving. Ha but my ACTUAL physical fitness…. not so much… yikes.

I need some zumba to spice up my life. Or anything or one to motivate me to ACTUALLY go to the gym. Darn.

And in other news,
I went to a rave Friday night (maybe it was just my dorm’s basement with black lights, glowsticks, and me “dancing” for three hours straight)
I played FIFA with some bros and killed it first time outta the gate (may or may not be exaggerating)
I am way ahead on dining points (like $60 ahead of where I would ideally be if I ate enough food? Just kidding, I eat plenty of food! Calm down!)
I went to mass a couple weeks ago (and got pumpkin pie after! Reward for being spiritual? Hmm)
I broke out the rain boots the other day (holla for the cloudy days)
I am “applying” to be a tour guide for my school but the odds are not ever in my favor. They want diversity. I’m just like every other current/potential tour guide: girl from business school from either California or Colorado.


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