Awkward, College, Lists, Really?!


  • girls who photoshop their pictures before placing them on facebook?!?! (Didn’t know that actually happened in real life)
  • girls who eat nothing and say they ate a ton earlier (LIES)
  • people who cannot be responsible partiers. I have just as much fun being a sober superstar as they do causing drama with drunk shenanigans. Although sometimes they are hilarious.
  • I am a neat person in college. Freaking swiffer, clorox wipe, and bed making freeeak!
  • My bed time is 2am just because that’s when it starts getting quiet around here
  • I am like 100% sure the air quality in our room is as good as a bad day in China
  • We pay how much for tuition yet the wifi signal is terrible at this school. TERRIBLE
  • people are obsessed with my pillow pet say what?
  • I study for hours and am still worried about my midterms
  • It feels like I’ve been here longer than 6 weeks yet the weeks keep passing by relatively quickly
  • I can’t tell if I’m actually legitimately sick with a cold or not?
  • I have decided I really want to be a tour guide/ student ambassador for my school?
  • I should probably do a little work and then get a little what’s that called? Sleeeep!



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