College, Deep thoughts

week two

In a few ways, it seems like we’ve all been here way longer than two weeks. Yeah, I still might not have too many friends in my classes, but holy fourth floor Dunne! We’re hella tight. Yeah I just typed hella. It’s the only adjective used here in norcal. Anyways, fourth floor for daaaays! We dominated at the dorm olympics event “battle of the sexes” and we dominate at spontaneously all going to dinner with one another. We also dominate in having dorm socializing at 1am. We also dominate at being involved in Community Council.
A lot of reading and socializing!! Which I’m finding perfectly fitting. Because sitting around watching TV at home was driving me CRAZY. I seriously am impressed by my ability to keep my (half of the) room clean. I’m also impressed by how nice everyone on my floor is. There are a bunch of sophomores who I’m a little intimidated by still, but the freshman (who are social) have basically become a family. It scares me when I think about next year though because I need to make friends that will last. So let’s hope this is the beginning to that.

(this should’ve been published a way long time ago)


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