Awkward, College

week three

The week where everyone gets sick or is trying to avoid getting sick or is trying to get over sickness (I had mild sickness symptoms but no true sickness).

The week where I find out my bff has a bf. And I try to get juicy details about it and there are none yet. But I make it clear that they better still be dating by winter break so we can go on a double date.

The week of my and Spencer’s second anniversary of dating. I skyped him mostly successfully for over an hour. I could write a whole post dedicated to this topic- but I’ll save that lovey dovey stuff for another time. Let’s just say that we’re still going strong and he makes me sooooooooooo so happy.

The week of realizing I have been accidentally not spending enough dining points. The deal finder inside me is always looking for cheaper alternatives to the three dollar hot chocolate or fourteen dollar special. And I haven’t bought a fountain drink since I’ve been here. I have splurged on pink powerade though. That stuff is so worth it.

The week of staying up to 2am multiple times and 1am the rest of the times. I mean yeah, one of the times was to finish a case study writeup thing that I had no idea how to do, but the other times were not such crucial deadlines. Every morning we regret what our normal bedtimes have become. Alarm clocks barely work. And usually don’t. Although we’ve managed to be on time for our 8ams 100% of the time so far!

The week of getting to know the other wing of our floor. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch ain’t so exclusive now, is it?! OH and my bros Mark and Joe have attempted to make me musically talented with regards to the guitar. (pronounced gee-tar)

The week of being annoyed by “beta b!tch” more than we can describe. He comes in our room (usually with his shirt off) at least five times a day and wakes us up from naps and talks about nothing we need to hear and cusses too much and wants to pet my pillow pet which is not ok and ughhhhh and he got written up for getting a little too drunk and thus puking.

The week of roomie causing a little drama caused by going out. But she sorted it out because the guys are so darn nice.

The week of continuing to dominate at olympic Jeopardy and Community Council. While we lost the first two rounds of Jeopardy, the other two we DOMINATED making us come in FIRST overall! I cheered loudly but actually didn’t get up to answer questions. And for Community Council I’m helping with advertising for our next upcoming event- a rave in the basement of our dorm! It should be great.

The week of sleeping in on saturday and doing nothing productive but laundry and cleaning. Oh and having huge plastic bottles ductaped to my feet to replicate high heels/ moon shoes!?! OH! and trying to figure out dish online. It’s so slow/ such bad quality/ so stubborn / ughhhhhhh.

bye for now


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