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welcome to college?

Let me start off this post by saying I should probably be doing homework right now if I was an amazing student. Let me also say that I’d be out in the neighborhood if I was a cool person. Wednesdays are big here. (What should I call it, “Get Weird Wednesdays”? I like the sound of that!)
But here I am, blogging my little heart out.

Guys. I’m officially a practicing college student. Who lives in a dorm, abides by the open door policies, has terrible sleep and eating schedules, goes to class, reads many pages of textbooks, freaks out over syllabuses, tries to learn names, tries to make friends, tries to avoid peer pressure wait whaa. Ehh.

Moving in went quite smoothly, the roomie and I are getting along just dandy, the parents said goodbye quite unemotionally, and classes began on Monday.

Quick lesson in freshman-ology: You do NOT use a map to find classes, you do NOT wear your lanyard around your neck, you do NOT hold up lines in the dining hall, you do NOT pronounce Tapingo “ta-pingo”, you do NOT keep your door closed, you do NOT piss off your CFs, you do NOT stay in during welcome week *nights*, you do NOT know anything, and you do NOT want to look like an idiot by asking for help with everything.

I’ve had each of my classes once at this point. The professors seem ok-good? None of them threw me off on the first day of classes. My art history prof smacks her lips subconsciously between sentences so that annoys me. My business ethics prof was telling some not-to-the-point-at-all stories that only related to the point in the very last ten seconds. My sociology prof seems quite funny. She told us stories and made funny remarks throughout the whole class. And last, my business prof seems quite….likable. He was playing music and greeted us with handshakes at the beginning of class, he spoke of visiting during office hours and helping us find our passions to end up with a career we love, and he gave us a break in the middle of class (I mean, it’s cool, I dig a  snack break just like everyone in first grade).

Dorm life is getting pretty rowdy up in here. My roomie has introduced me to her friends from high school (all girls private school) who go here, but we’ve been hanging mostly with a few girls from our floor. I’ve been learning new norcal and Hawaii lingo so that’s been hella fun. See?!?  Some people haven’t heard of Qdoba here. So that’s weird. I feel bombarded with work already and it’s been two days. Well I guess three. I am obsessed with the library. Like, I’m actually moving in there next quarter. Shower situation isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Foods freaking pricey but good. I almost joined rowing but they scared me out of it- maybe next year? I’m kind of awkward and not the greatest friend-meeter. But on the plus side I have an outgoing roommate! I’m like the only person I know right *now* that isn’t into the partay scene. I guess I’d rather be safe and boring and unsocial late at night? And do homework and actually screw around on the computer and stuff. My priorities are a little wack.
And I’m angry at my closet and hair.
(But that would take a fair amount of explaining to understand.)

So yeah, that’s college folks! Not even a week here and I was able to write ALLOFTHAT! Tell me you’re proud of me!


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