Last night at home


Oh my my.
The night has come.
I’m sitting here watching one last recorded TV episode before I get ready for bed.
In the morning we start our journey to NorCal! Finally!

Let me tell you. Packing my clothes was one of the most annoying, energy draining processes everrrrrrr.
Any normal person would just throw majority of their closet/dresser into a few bags and call it good.
But I am not normal.
I procrastinated packing for all majority of the summer day. I could not focus once I was actually being yelled at to pack. My brain was jumbled. I didn’t know where to begin. I had to pack for the drive out there…… AND for the next three months. Yikes. But with a ten minute splurge of focus and some help from my mom (how old am I? Five?) I DID IT. 

Today I’m grateful for….
Obvious signs of love and care

My family-friends of all ages have showed their support by wishing me well as I get ready to leave. I’ve contemplated it before but now I really do see that they’re basically my family after knowing them for about twelve years. Today I had two visitors drop by just to say bye and chat.

My parents are so willing to help me pack and do whatever to make my transition into school very smooth.

I have smiled sooo much from communicating with my friends virtually. Keeping in touch with me, the girl who’s been stuck at home, shows me they still care at least a little.

I know I already mentioned this but my brother really genuinely wants to hear from me. That’s pretty rad.

Oh and today I got to see my cousin and his newly engaged fiancée before  they left town. And it’s quite evident they love each other. They’ve been dating for over six years. And they’re quite cute.

And my boyfriend, I’m pretty grateful for him. He’s makes staying in contact seem so easy despite his busy schedule in Utah.  Let’s hope I can stay on his level once I get to school!!! He deserves it.

I’m seeing the great things in my life tonight. And man do I like it.

So now that the goodbyes have been said, the packing is done, and the recordings are watched, time for the adventure to begin. Here’s to my first three-ish months at school being super fun and successful;)


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